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Delicious low-calorie and sugar-free black currant syrup. An ideal topping for your fitness recipes and pancakes.

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  • Black currant flavor
  • Polyalcohol-free
  • With stevia
  • Thick texture
  • Anti-leak cap
  • 350ml format

Black currant syrup, the new creation by HSN

We want to present our new black currant-flavored syrup by HSNfoods! A flavor that will perfectly match your sweet recipes thanks to the characteristic acid touch of red berries.

Can you imagine some Evocakes 2.0 with black currant syrup on top? Our mouths are melting!

HSN always developing new flavors and innovating

In HSN, we work every day to develop new products, innovating in the way we use leading raw ingredients, new manufacturing technologies and format design. But we do not only do that with our food supplements. In fact, our products from the HSNfoods line also follow this philosophy!

Black currant flavor, a great discovery

Black currant is the fruit from a shrub native to Central Europe which has been used in the gastronomy of the area due to its contrast between sweet and acid flavors.

It has delighted every single one of us who have tried it. However, the syrup format is probably not the most common one for black currant.

But in HSN we make it easy for you. Experience the contrasts of our black currant syrup!

What are you waiting for? Try it out!

Sugar-free black currant syrup!

Our black currant syrup is sugar and fat-free, we have used stevia and sucralose instead.

Were you looking for a syrup for your healthy desserts? Surprise!

A delicious, quick and simple way of finishing your dishes with a touch of currant, without barely adding any calories.

What about the flavor?

The issue with low-calorie sweeteners is that they need a lot of polyalcohols to replace sugar. These elements leave a ‘chemical’ aftertaste that will ruin the flavor of any dish. You have probably experienced this already, right?

Well, forget about that! In HSN, we have designed a polyalcohol-free product, sweetener with stevia and sucralose, two sweeteners that have been selected and measured to emulate the natural flavor of sugar as much as possible.

Syrup texture, not currant soup

Have you ever purchased a low-calorie sweet sauce with a liquid texture? It is actually quite frequent and unpleasant.

In HSN, we believe that a syrup should feel like a syrup… That is why we have thickened our black currant syrup with natural xanthan gum and cellulose gum. That way, we have been able to achieve the right texture of what a fruit syrup should be.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

In HSN, we have tried this syrup with our Evowhey & Oats and the result has been amazing, we could not get enough!

Why don’t you try it in your next fitness recipe and tag us in your social media? We would love to see what you are cooking with out black currant syrup!

How to take Black currant syrup?

Pour some black currant syrup in all your dishes, sweet or salty, preferably after they are cooked and before serving. You will not believe that it is a low-calorie syrup!


per serving
Serving size: 5ml
Servings per container: 70
Amount per serving
Calories 2kJ/0kcal
Fat <0.01g
of which saturated <0.01g
Carbohydrates 0.08g
of which sugars <0.01g
Proteins <0.01g
Salt <0.01g


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