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Plant-based branched chain amino acids 12:1:1 ratio with glutamine. Improved formula, suitable for vegans. One of the best amino acid ratios available in the market!

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  • New and improved formula! New flavors and in-house production
  • Support for MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis) or stimulation of the synthesis of proteins
  • It prevents protein breakdown during caloric restriction or cutting phase
  • It works as an energy source under a carbohydrate deficit
  • It helps to decrease the tiredness and muscle fatigue, ideal post-workout
  • It can enhance the sport performance
  • Perfect for workouts on an empty stomach
  • The best BCAA’s formula in the market
  • We increase the amount of Leucine and Glutamine


Evobcaa’s by HSNsports is a nutritional supplement made from Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) 12:1:1 and Glutamine powder of the highest quality, with sweeteners. BCAA’s, or essential amino acids, are the most consumed product in the world of sport due to their properties as well as their benefits in terms of:

  • Shortening the muscle recovery
  • Contributing to the muscle growth
  • Preserving the muscle mass in cutting diets


Each 11g scoop of Evobcaa’s 2.0 will provide:

  • 7.23g of BCAA’s
  • 2.53g of L-Glutamine

The BCAA’s are 3 essential amino acids made up by: L-Leucine, L-Valine, and L-Isoleucine. The leucine amino acid is the one that has more properties when it comes to enhancing the hormone environment to stimulate the protein synthesis.

Evobcaa’s 2.0 increases the amount of the leucine and glutamine amino acids when compared to its previous version.

BCAA’s are the ones that suffer a higher breakdown due to physical stress. In this sense, using supplementation will help to regenerate the damaged muscle fibers more quickly.

Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine branched chain amino acids make up one third of the proteins of the muscles. Leucine stimulates the synthesis of protein in the muscles and it is related to the release of gluconeogenoic precursors of the muscle.

Evobcaa’s 2.0 and L-Glutamine

The combination with the L-Glutamine amino acid will create an splendid synergy. Glutamine is an amino acid which is specially concentrated in muscle tissue. It is a conditionally essential amino acid which means that, under certain circumstances, its synthesis cannot always meet the requirements of the organism. These situations can involve periods of higher physical wear due to a high volume and intensity of training. Moreover, its production can be equally conditioned if we want to reduce the fat percentage, apart from directly involving muscle mass.

Consuming glutamine will help to increase its levels in the blood plasma, while providing BCAA’s will regenerate muscle mass.

Some of the properties of L-Glutamine are:

  • It is essential for the proliferation of cells, which can act as a respiratory fuel and it can improve the function of immune cells.
  • It contributes to a faster recovery and reduces muscle soreness.
  • It is involved in the cell hydration process and it has multiple effects on the immune system, intestinal function, and protein metabolism.


Now we will explain the most important properties of Evobcaa’s 2.0:

Evobcaa’s 2.0 and MPS

The acronym MPS refers to Muscle Protein Synthesis. Branched chain amino acids play an important role in muscle growth and recovery, but L-Leucine performs the most important task in the synthesis of proteins through several action mechanisms, including the mTOR and the stimulation of the P13K (which are the regulators of protein synthesis).

In this sense, leucine will act as a switch that will signal the beginning of physiological processes that are involved in the synthesis of proteins.

Evobcaa’s 2.0 and 12:1:1 Rate

Evobcaa’s 2.0 offers a 12:1:1 ratio, which is the proportion that exists between: Leucine:Valine:Isoleucine. There are other similar products, but any of them is close to this composition. In order to illustrate this, let’s compare it to other sources where we could find the same content of amino acids:


L-Leucine (g)


1 scoop (11g) of Evobcaa’s


18-20 egg whites

1 scoop (11g) of Evobcaa’s


72g Whey Protein Isolate (Evolate)

1 scoop (11g) of Evobcaa’s


92g Soy Protein Isolate

1 scoop (11g) of Evobcaa’s


990-1000ml cow Milk (whole)

1 scoop (11g) of Evobcaa’s


350g Chicken Breast

Comparative Table of Evobcaa’s L-Leucine Vs Other sources (Source:,

Evobcaa’s 2.0 offers the most powerful BCAA’s source in the market

Evobcaa’s 2.0 and Dissolution

BCAAs are hydrophobic molecules by nature, which means that they are not water soluble. However, Evobcaa’s 2.0uses the latest formula, Instant, which facilitates its dissolution, both alone or in combination with other supplements, such as proteins or other amino acids.

Evobcaa’s are the BCAA’s with the best dissolution in the market

Evobcaa’s 2.0 and Sport Performance

BCAAs act as an ergogenic support that can influence the sport performance and improve the body composition. It is known that overloaded workouts push our body to generate a series of adaptations if we apply an proper stimulus. Among these, we can find the hypertrophic response of muscle tissues, always from a correct intake of calories and protein.

The insulin hormone also plays an important role in the hypertrophy process. It is capable of stimulating the synthesis of proteins while avoiding the breakdown of the muscle mass when it is administered before, during, and/or post workout. Leucine is the only amino acid that is capable of stimulating the insulin response, even with low levels of glucose in the blood. With all this, we will manage to protect the tissues from the breakdown that its produced by the physical exercise itself.

Evobcaa’s 2.0 during the Workout

Evobcaa’s 2.0 can be consumed during the workout as a ‘intra-workout’ drink, in the breaks between the sets. With this, we will manage to reduce the neat rate of protein breakdown, improve both the mental and physical performance, and save muscle glycogen which is quite useful for low carbohydrates diets.

Evobcaa’s 2.0 and Workout on an Empty Stomach

The strategy of doing exercise on an empty stomach calls the attention of athletes while posing several questions. These questions are related to the muscle mass. As we have just pointed out, including BCAAs around our workout will produce beneficial effects when it comes to preserving muscle mass and optimizing the hypertrophic response and the post-workout recovery for those who train on an empty stomach.


  • Sportspeople who want to adequately recover from their workouts.
  • Sportspeople who wish to protect their muscle mass during the workouts, specially in long and high intensity sports.
  • Sportspeople who want to develop their muscle mass.
  • Those who want to protect their muscle tissue from the effects of aging, weight loss treatments, etc.


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Nutritional Info

Amount per serving
L-Leucine 6.2g
L-Glutamine 2.53g
L-Isoleucine 515mg
L-Valine 515mg


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