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Whey protein isolate suitable for vegetarians. Improved formula with DigeZyme® and soy-free, more protein per serving!

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  • New and improved formula from Whey Protein Isolate
  • 90% of Proteins
  • Soy lecithin free! We remove the soy allergen
  • Improved DigeZyme® enzymatic complex
  • New flavours available in new formats
  • Higher amount of proteins per serving
  • Without Aspartame nor Acesulfame-K


Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) is the evolution and new and improved formula of our Evolate (Whey Isolate CFM), whey protein isolate. We improve the ingredients of this quality protein, we remove the soy allergen and change the enzymatic complex to provide a multi-enzymatic complex which is even better than the previous one.

Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) is a food made of ready to mix whey isolate with sweetener. Evolate 2.0 is ideal to prepare your delicious protein shakes with a high percentage of proteins per serving and it barely contains fats, since pure protein is its main ingredient.

Whey Protein Isolate Evolate 2.0 has a very low carbohydrates, fats and lactose content, and more pure protein with a high absorption rate which will increase its availability for our organism.

Its low lactose levels means that it can be consumed by those with a certain level of lactose intolerance.

Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) is made of a 90% of pure protein that comes from whey protein isolate. The method that is used in order to obtain Whey Protein Isolate CFM is called ‘Cross Flow Microfiltration (CFM) at low temperature’. This process does not denature the protein, rather, it keeps its protein fractions intact, resulting in a product that greatly contributes to the sports field.

This quality protein is available in delicious flavours with a very thin texture, whose mixture does not produce lumps. In order to prepare your protein shake, you will need to mix 30g of Evolate 2.0 Whey Protein Isolate by HSNsports in 250-300ml of water or skimmed milk, with the help of a shaker in order to mix and you will get a delicious shake.

Combining whey protein isolate with a healthy diet and daily exercise, contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.


Evolate 2.0 is a protein that comes from whey which has great properties and which positively contributes to the growth of the muscles, due to its:

  • High biological value and PCDAAS
  • Digezyme®* Digestive enzymes complex
  • Complete Amino Acid Profile

Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) and High Biological Value

Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) has a high level of biological value since its composition offers an optimal use of its nutrients by our organism. Essential and non-essential amino acids that make up this protein are digested and absorbed by our organism to carry out the physiological processes of our body. The tasks that are carried out by the amino acids that come from the Evolate 2.0 protein are:

  • To support the creation of proteic structures that form the constituent tissues of organs and muscles
  • To synthesize enzymes which will act as metabolizer of chemical reactions at cellular level
  • To synthesize hormones, such as insulin, the growth hormone, with faculties directly related to muscle growth

The PDCAAs or Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score is a measuring scale that provides the necessary information to know the quality of a protein based on the way our body digests the amino acids and how it retains them in order to carry out its tasks. This percentage reflects the amount of amino acids that are delivered to the body and those that are excreted, the maximum value possible being 1.

Regarding our protein Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) the value that it obtains as PDCAAs is 1, which is the highest score. Therefore, we can confirm that Evolate 2.0 is a protein of maximum quality.

Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) and Comparative Table Bv/PDCAAS

Source of Protein Bv PDCAAS
Evolate (Whey Isolate CFM) 159 1
Whole Egg 100 1
Milk 91 1
Casein 77 1
Meat 80 0.9
Soy 74 0.9
Pea 65 0.69
Rice 83 0.47

Complete Amino Acid Profile and Evolate 2.0

A protein of maximum quality would not be so good if it did not provide a complete amino acid profile. Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) provides essential and non-essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are those that our organism cannot synthesise on its own, that is why they must be supplied through the diet. That is why Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) is the perfect protein that can balance this necessary amino acid intake.


Following a healthy lifestyle depends not only on an adequate diet, but also on doing exercise regularly. In this aspect, the intake of quality proteins such as Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM), which is a protein that comes from whey isolate, is highly valued inside the sports community, since it has numerous properties that makes it an undeniable option. Among these properties and the functions that are carried out by these proteins, we highlight:

  • Protein contributes to the growth of muscle mass
  • Protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass
  • Protein contributes to the proper maintenance of bones

The intake of proteins impacts certain body markers, such as:

  • Increasing the level of satiety
  • Higher caloric expenditure while resting
  • Helping with physical reconstitution

Proteins are macronutrients that satiate more than other macronutrients like fats and carbohydrates. Their satiety level is higher, that is why the intake of proteins can help us to avoid eating between meals or unhealthy appetizers. The intake of proteins will satisfy us and will help to ensure that we do not consume more calories throughout the day.

Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) and Muscle Growth

One of the key features of the improvement of Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) in regard to its old version Evolate (Whey Isolate CFM), is that the 2.0 version improves its protein percentage from a 88% to a 90% of whey protein isolate.

This improvement also increases the amount of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) and the non-essential amino acid per serving, which increases the amount of leucine, an essential amino acid that stimulates the growth of the mTORC1 pathway and improves the protein synthesis in the muscle (1)

Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) and Recovery

Another one of the main features of Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) is that it contributes to the recovery phase of the athlete, since it provides an optimal intake of proteins and amino acids per serving.

Moreover, Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) is essential for hydration. The intake of proteins Evolate 2.0 can increase the albumin levels, which is a protein that is found in the blood plasma and with which the body keeps cell hydration as an effect derived from oncotic pressure


The composition of milk is a 20% of whey and an 80% casein. Unlike casein, whey has a greater absorption rate of the nutrients by the organism. In order to produce Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) we choose whey through a process of ‘Cross Flow Microfiltration at low temperature’, also called CFM.

Each serving of Evolate 2.0 (30g of product) provides:

  • 90% of pure protein*
  • 6.5g of BCAA’s (3000mg of L-Leucine)
  • 5.1g of Glutamine
  • Glutathione Precursors

* Protein calculated in dry matter (nitrogen *6.38).

The high level of amino acids of Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) will contribute to improving the protein synthesis, activating the mechanisms related to the creation of new muscle tissue (1). Glutamine will help to shorten the recovery while reducing the muscle soreness that is caused after a workout session. (2)

Moreover, in order to combat oxidative stress from the free radicals, the amino acid cysteine together with glutamic acid will produce the natural antioxidant Glutathione. This is a poweful neutralizer of the harmful action of free radicals, which are molecules that tend to seize electrons from other tissues. Glutathione plays a very important role in the state of global redox of the body. (3)

Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) and Digezyme®

Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) improves its enzymatic complex and uses Digezyme®, a mixture of patented, digestive enzymes that come from microbial sources which intervene in the improvement of the digestive process, since it involves the breakdown of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

We add Digezyme® to our new Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) in order to improve our digestive health, as well as to help with the absorption of proteins.

Among the digestive enzymes that we can find in the enzymatic complex, we highlight:

  • Protease (Spergillus oryzae)
  • Amylase (Aspergillus oryzae)
  • Cellulase (Trichoderma longibrachiatum)
  • Lipase (Rhizopus oryzae)


Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) is an excellent source of high quality proteins that the most demanding customers have at their disposal in a wide range of flavors and formats. The consumption of Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) will meet the daily intake of proteins and will complete the nutritional requirements of this macronutrient.

The recommended daily amount of proteins will depend on the objective and subjective factors, although the intake of proteins may range between 1.7-2.5g per kg of body weight. Depending on each person, in order to start consuming proteins it will be necessary to establish and personalize the number of daily intakes and the correct quantity.

Including Evolate (Whey Isolate CFM) in our daily diet is an excellent choice to ensure an intake of high quality proteins with a high absorption rate.


Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) is recommended for the bulking phase, the maintenance of muscle mass and weight loss processes, always keeping the highest percentage of lean tissue.

Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) is advised for:

People who look for a high quality protein supplement low in fat, carbohydrates, sodium, lactose, cholesterol, and which does not produce any stomach discomfort.

Athletes who want a food supplement that can be used both for the recovery phase as well as to support muscle growth and regeneration, or to contribute to the daily protein requirements, depending on the phase they find themselves in.


Evolate 2.0 (Whey Isolate CFM) can be combined with all kinds of nutritional supplements, as well as other kind of proteins:

  • Amino acids
  • Multivitamins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein concentrates or caseins


1. Jackman SR, Witard OC, Philp A, Wallis GA, Baar K, Tipton KD. Branched-Chain Amino Acid Ingestion Stimulates Muscle Myofibrillar Protein Synthesis following Resistance Exercise in Humans. Front Physiol. 2017 Jun 7;8:390. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2017.00390.
2. Legault Z, Bagnall N, Kimmerly DS. The Influence of Oral L-Glutamine Supplementation on Muscle Strength Recovery and Soreness Following Unilateral Knee Extension Eccentric Exercise. Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab. 2015 Oct;25(5):417-26. doi: 10.1123/ijsnem.2014-0209.
3. Enns GM, Cowan TM. Glutathione as a Redox Biomarker in Mitochondrial Disease-Implications for Therapy. J Clin Med. 2017 May 3;6(5). pii: E50. doi: 10.3390/jcm6050050.

* Sabinsa Europe GmbH/ DigeZyme® is a trademark of Sabinsa Corporation/Sabinsa Europe GmbH.

Nutritional Info



Amount per serving
Energy Value 487kJ/115Kcal
Fat 0.5g
of which saturated 0.2g
Carbohydrates 1.6g
of which sugars 0.3g
Proteins 26g
Salt 0.27g

Protein calculated in dry matter (nitrogen *6.38).



Amino Acid Name x100g
Alanine 3948mg
Arginine 2307mg
Aspartic Acid 10252mg
Cysteine 2221mg
Glutamic Acid 16317mg
Glycine 1623mg
Histidine 1196mg
Isoleucine 6066mg
Leucine 9654mg
Lysine 8372mg
Methionine 1965mg
Phenylalanine 2819mg
Proline 6236mg
Serine 4100mg
Threonine 6578mg
Tryptophan 1538mg
Tyrosine 2563mg
Valine 5724mg

*Some variation may occur on the above mentioned values based on the flavour


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