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High protein pudding. With whey protein and milk protein (WPC+MPI). Low sugar content. Free of acesulfame K, aspartame and polyols. Suitable for vegetarians.

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  • Protein pudding.
  • With milk protein.
  • High nutritional value.
  • Low sugar content.
  • Incredible texture.
  • Delicious flavours.
  • Suitable for vegetarian diets.


Protein pudding by FoodSeries is a milk protein-based food preparation with a high gelling capacity, resulting in a delicious pudding high in protein and low in sugar.

The Protein pudding HSN differs from other similar products on the market in that it has a low sugar content, and the protein used to make it is of the highest nutritional quality, sourced from the milk of grass-fed cows.

HSN protein pudding is suitable for vegetarian diets.


Can you think of a more delicious protein snack or fitness dessert to help you reach your daily protein requirements? You sure can’t!

HSN protein pudding has a 69% protein content of high nutritional quality. Don’t forget that:

Protein contributes to the maintenance and gain of muscle mass.

Having trouble covering protein in your diet and looking for a convenient and delicious way to do it? Do you miss custard or similar desserts in your fit lifestyle?

Protein pudding comparison

FoodSeries Protein Pudding is for you! Your new high-protein fitness dessert.


Because in this product you’ll find the perfect balance of:

  • Top quality ingredients.
  • The best nutritional values.
  • Unparalleled texture and flavours.

Who said taking care of yourself was boring?

High protein content

Each 40-gram serving of protein pudding provides 27 grams of protein from dairy sources, recognised for their high nutritional quality thanks to containing all the essential amino acids in optimal amounts.

The protein in HSN’s protein pudding comes from:

  • Milk protein isolate (MPI)
  • Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)
  • Calcium caseinate (casein)

An excellent all-round combination!

Low sugar

Protein pudding contains no added sugars and only contains sugars naturally present in ingredients such as milk proteins.

It has a low sugar content, containing less than 1g of sugars per serving.

And its fat content is typical of the proteins that make up the pudding, containing around only 2g per serving.

<1g sugar / 2g fat / 27g high quality protein, and the best taste.

What are you waiting for?

Easy to prepare. In less than 1 minute!

No time to prepare a delicious protein snack that fits in with your diet? You have no excuse now!

Making HSN’s protein pudding will take you less than 1 minute, and the result is incredible.

Add 2 scoops (40g) to 250ml of water or milk to make one serving, mix vigorously and… You’ve got it!

We recommend using a shaker with a lump-free ball or mixing rack to guarantee homogeneous and lump-free results.

You can also mix it in a bowl, with a whisk, although if doing so, to minimise the possible appearance of lumps in the shake, we recommend adding the water or milk little by little and mixing after each addition of liquid.

We do not recommend using alternative mixing methods such as using a spoon, as whey protein tends only to have great solubility when subjected to a significant amount of movement, which can be achieved with a whisk or shaker but not with a spoon.

The result is improved if it’s kept in the fridge for 10 minutes after preparation, to increase its gelling and achieve a more compact texture.

Free of aspartame and acesulfame K. 0% polyols

Sucralose is the only sweetener we use in the preparation of our protein pudding.

We have not used other intense sweeteners such as acesulfame K or aspartame, while other similar products on the market do contain them.

One of our core values at HSN is the development of premium quality products with the highest commitment to our customers, which is why we’ve reduced the presence of sweeteners and other additives in the product.

Protein pudding does not contain polyols (such as maltitol, sorbitol or xylitol), improving the digestive tolerance of the product.

HSN brings you the best protein custard on the market, unrivalled.


Carrageenans are polysaccharides (like maltodextrins or cereal starch) that have a great gelling capacity in the mixtures they’re used with, achieving a result of unequalled texture with other ingredients.

Our protein pudding contains a small amount of carrageenan.

The additive has been shrouded in controversy due to confusing interpretations in scientific studies of low molecular weight carrageenan (polygenic), an ingredient that our product does NOT contain.

Our protein pudding contains native carrageenan, a high molecular weight compound whose safety has been established by the European Food Safety Authority in 2018, setting an adequate daily intake limit at 75mg/kg body weight.

Our product contains less than 1/5th of the recommended daily amount, so it’s completely safe to use.


Use it at any time of the day:

  • As part of your meals,
  • As a dessert,
  • Or as a high-protein snack.

The possibilities are endless!.


Why not share it with your family along with some protein pancakes?

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