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100% soy-based, sugar-free, low-fat vegetable protein isolate. Complete aminogram. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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  • Soy Protein Isolate 2.0
  • High protein content
  • More proteins per serving! At least 26g of protein
  • Sugar-free, sweetened with Stevia
  • Without Aspartame nor Acesulfame-K
  • Lactose-free and gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • Vegetable protein
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Without artificial preservatives nor color additives
  • Dairy-free, 100% vegetable

What is Soy Protein Isolate 2.0?

Soy Protein Isolate 2.0 by HSNessentials is a food supplement powder made from soy protein isolate with sweeteners.

It is a vegetable protein that has been specially designed for those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet. Although it can be used by anyone who follows a less strict diet and who wants to follow a healthy lifestyle.

This type of protein is an excellent alternative to protein shakes from whey, as well as other sources like meat or egg albumin.

What are the properties of Soy Proteins?

It has a complete aminogram, that is, it provides their whole spectrum (essential and non-essential amino acids), which means that its biological value is comparable with that of animal proteins, a feature that is unique to soy among vegetable proteins.

Combining the intake of vegetable protein isolates with a balanced diet and physical exercise will contribute to the maintenance/growth of muscle mass.

Another important aspect is the type of protein. It is an Isolate, which means that it is a food that has been refined during the manufacturing process, removing almost all the fats, which results in a product with a higher purity. Moreover, it has not been sweetened with Aspartame nor Acesulfame-K.

Soy protein isolate 2.0 has a novel feature which is the fact that it has been sweetened with Stevia.

What are the features of Soy Protein Isolate 2.0?

Source of quality proteins

Despite its vegetable origin, it is one of the most popular sources of protein since it provides all the essential amino acids. Each serving will provide more than 26g of protein, which means that it has a high protein content.

We have improved the nutritional profile of the new 2.0 version by increasing the protein percentage per shake.


The soy protein isolate by HSNessentials is a food made from sugar-free vegetable proteins and its composition provides 0g of this substance per 100g of product.

It has been sweetened with sucralose and stevia which ensures that it does not contain aspartame nor acesulfame-K.

GMO-free Soy Protein Isolate

The raw material that has been used to make this product is completely GMO-free, which are organisms which have been genetically modified in a laboratory resulting in highly unstable combinations of plants, animals, bacteria and viral genes which are not present in nature. We have discarded their use since their interaction with health has not been proven to be completely safe and we cannot know for sure if they can cause damage in the long-term.


This food does not contain fat in its composition since its provides less than 0g per 100g of product.

How to take Soy Protein Isolate 2.0?

There are several options when it comes to taking soy protein:

  • We can make protein shakes by mixing it with water or vegetable milk. It will make a perfect post-workout shake. You can also increase the protein content of your breakfast by adding some protein to a bowl of cereals.
  • You can also cook some recipes with soy protein such as muffins, pancakes, cupcakes or sponge cakes.

How can we combine Soy Protein Isolate 2.0?

The soy protein can be combined with almost any kind of product. Some of them are:

  • Vegetable proteins (if we follow a vegan or vegetarian diet) or from any other source
  • Carbohydrates
  • Amino acids
  • Creatine
  • Hormone precursor
  • Multivitamin and mineral complex


Soy Protein Isolate 2.0 comes in a bag with zip closure of 2Kg or 500g and in several delicious flavors.

Who can benefit from Soy Protein Isolate 2.0?

  • All kinds of people, especially vegetarians and vegans.
  • Those who suffer lactose intolerance.

Nutritional Info


Serving size: 1 scoop (30g)
Servings per container: 17
Amount per serving
Energy Value 478kJ/113kcal
Fat 0.8g
of which saturated 0.4g
Carbohydrates 2.1g
of which sugars 0.1g
Proteins 23g
Salt 0.7g
Protein calculated in dry matter (nitrogen *6.25)

Amino Acids Profile

Amino Acids Profile x100g
Alanine 2818mg
Arginine 5112mg
Aspartic Acid 7565mg
Cysteine 1377mg
Glutamic Acid 13154mg
Glycine 2737mg
Histidine 1932mg
Isoleucine 2987mg
Leucine 5796
Lysine 4283mg
Methionine 1087mg
Phenylalanine 3631mg
Proline 3542mg
Serine 3317mg
Threonine 2616mg
Tryptophan 966mg
Tyrosine 2141mg
Valine 3140mg


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