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This pack consists on a whey protein isolate with a high percentage of proteins, and very minimal carbohydrates and fat. Specially recommended in high protein diets designed to lose fat.

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  • It helps to gain weight and muscle mass.
  • It supports the sport performance and improves the muscle recovery.

This pack is made of products that will solve the needs of those athletes who need to gain weight. It has three types of carbs, which we will use strategically in order to guarantee an optimal use of energy. At the same time, it adds another prominent element in supplementation that improves the physical performance: creatine. With it, we can increase the intensity, and consequently, we can produce high quality stimuli, and which will notably affect the recovery and fibril growth.


  • Sportspeople who want to increase their way in an effective way.
  • Sportspeople who practice highly demanding activities and who need to maintain their weight, apart from improving the performance.


hsnstore-me_evomassEvomass 2.0 3Kg

Evomass is the perfect combination of proteins and carbs. It is made of whey protein concentrate while the energy sources come from a blend of maltodextrin and dextrose. Moreover, it provides fats from the MCT’s. All these nutrients will help us maintain a constant energy balance during the day, and they contribute to the calorie supply which is necessary in order to have energy with which to synthesize new tissues.

BCAA_hsnstore-meEVOBCAA’s 2.0 – 500g

Evobcaa’s 2.0 by HSNsports is a nutritional supplement made from Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) 12:1:1 and Glutamine powder of the highest quality, with sweeteners. BCAA’s, or essential amino acids, are the most consumed product in the world of sport due to their properties as well as their benefits in terms of:

  • Shortening the muscle recovery
  • Contributing to the muscle growth
  • Preserving the muscle mass in cutting diets

Micronized-glutamine-500g-HSNstore_meMicronized Glutamine 500g

Creatine improves our performance through the saturation of the ATP deposits. Our organism uses this energy source in order to carry out maximum efforts, such as a weightlifting workout. In this way, we favor an optimal muscle recovery which implies the possibility of applying a higher intensity during workout sessions, which will result in a better quality of training. So, the following step will be following a proper diet, starting with the other two products that form this pack.

Multivitamins_evovits_hsnstore-meEvovits (Multivitamin complex) 120 veg caps – Sport Series

A complete micronutrients formula, regarding minerals and essential vitamins, that completes the macronutrients spectrum provided by Evowhey Protein.

Keeping a hectic lifestyle, along with physical effort at the gym, and with the goals of gaining weight, and achieving a better performance or recovery, is a sacrifice from a dietary point of view. We must find the best sources to provide the best nutrients. In this case, due to industrial processes and other factors, like a lack of time, will result in a diet that is not a 100% perfect. Here is where Evovits will lend us a hand to solve these deficiencies.

Ultra Omega 3 – Fish Oil – Essential Series

Ultra Omega-3 1000mg from HSNessentials is a food supplement in pearls, based on fish oil high in omega-3 fatty acids 35% EPA and 25% DHA in the form of triglycerides.

  • Help reduce inflamation
  • Support bone and skin Health






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